Unlocking the Potential: Advantages of Becoming a Cinemata Trusted User

Cinemata is a platform that hosts a vast library of social issue films about the Asia-Pacific region. By default, all videos on Cinemata are publicly accessible. However, signing up for an account and becoming a Trusted User has advantages.


Tailored Publishing Options:

Trusted Users are not just regular account holders. They play a crucial role in upholding the platform's vision, which revolves around social issue films centred on the Asia-Pacific region. These users deeply understand the platform's core focus and are granted a special privilege - the ability to publish their videos to the public without requiring review.

Flexibility is crucial when sharing socially impactful films, and Trusted Users have the tools they need to customize their content's visibility. They can choose from three publishing options:

  • Private: This option ensures exclusivity, making the video viewable only to its owner. It's perfect for small screenings where the film is played directly from Cinemata. Advocacy groups can use this publishing option to screen censored films, minimize risks, and preserve content privacy.
  • Unlisted: The 'Unlisted' option keeps the video hidden from Cinemata's public listings but provides a shareable URL. This publishing option is ideal for those seeking exclusivity while giving easy access to a select audience.
  • Restricted: A site feature exclusive to Trusted Users, choosing 'Restricted' allows users to password-protect their video uploads. Read more about this functionality here. 
  • Public: For Trusted Users who want to showcase their work to a broader audience, choosing the 'Public' setting on Cinemata will ensure their videos feature prominently on the platform's front page and listings. All videos on Cinemata's front page are under this publishing option.

Efficient Video Uploading

Trusted Users can upload up to ten videos simultaneously. This feature can significantly benefit film programmers, community media producers, and educational institutions with multiple videos to showcase. Utilizing this feature, they can effortlessly upload and share their videos on Cinemata's platform.

The Power of AI Speech Recognition and English Translation

Another advantage of being a Trusted User is using Cinemata's speech recognition features. Since June 2023, Cinemata has integrated Whisper, a speech recognition technology from the Open AI Foundation. With this feature, Trusted Users can transcribe and translate their videos into English, making them more accessible to a broader audience.

Becoming a Cinemata Trusted User is an excellent opportunity for social issue filmmakers, film programmers, community media outfits, and advocacy groups who wish to publish their works effortlessly.

Trusted User access is free! Contact Cinemata's curatorial team at contact@cinemata.org to become one.